You ask if I'm the guardian of the woods, or of sleep? Why can't I be both?
Just look upon our wounded king and all the pain he's brought us.
Listen, you get no points here for trying. No "attaboys" for failed multitasking.

Remember how we stood and cheered as he left to face the gelded wizard?
Remember how our hearts sank so low when he came back permanently injured?

And we've suffered ever since.
Because our king is bad at his job.
We liked him as the prince, but for leadership he's not cut out.
So we've suffered ever since.
Stuck with Amfortas.

Don't laugh! Shut your mouth! It's what got you here in the first place. While you take refuge in our company, do you realize your role in all this? Listen, bad things do happen, but there's no call for gleeful back slapping.

But I see something shimmering on this early Friday morning. It's a pure fool in armored disguise. The curse can finally be broken!
Anoint the new king!
Because our old one won't do his job.
He's earned our deference, and Amfortas he is not. So anoint the new king.
Because here time becomes space. Space becomes time. Uncover the Grail. Give us all our bread and wine!


from More Entertaining, released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Ain't No Mountain High Enough Washington, D.C.

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